Creative solutions to communicate your brand, message and value.

About Z

Being a designer is one of the best jobs to have; I truly love the creative process and needed an excuse to keep buying Macs. Creativity is not just coming up with a good idea; it is an idea that will work on multiple platforms, get people to act, have deliverables and add to the bottom line. I have challenged myself to think outside the creative space on paper to include writing, social media, trade shows, corporate development, and become a strategic thinker without being that designer that wears sunglasses indoors. I have also been known to bring doughnuts.

The industries covered in my career span from hair care, to tourism, nonprofit to corporate. Each different industry has given me the opportunity to expand my critical thinking skills, and running my own business has given me an appreciation to the business side of design. Having a tight budget does not mean something cannot be creative and have impact.

Creative professional with experience in managing projects in print, digital and social media. Clients span private sector and non-profit and projects focus on developing and executing visual, branding and campaign strategies. A creative mind that understands ROI.

• Graphic Design
• Presentations & Campaigns
• Social Media
• Web Graphics
• Identity/Branding
• Copy Writing
• CS5, Quark, Office
• Guides, Brochures, Collateral
• Fluent in Spanish